Youth For Syria organization launches it’s campaign “”And we ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice”” to carry out your sacrifices in land of Syria. 2017 – 1438

It is the sixth campaign of Y4S organization like this, and like the passed five years, Y4S was one of the first humanitarian organizations that initiate the implimintation of the sacrificial project inside Syria as a contribution to provide meat to poor and affected families in the besieged areas.

Messenger of God said that whoever does not care about the Muslims is not among them. So Y4S organization readily to prepare the sacrifices project for this year 2017 as a humaintarian campaign called “” And we ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice”” , to remind all muslims with this bleesed Sunnah that we know it from our master Abraham peace be upon him when he redeem his son Ismail peace be upon him by a great slaughter.

We seek by this project to provide over 500 sacrefices to people inside Syria and make distribution all days of bleesed Eid al Adha insha’llah.

May God always keep your gifts and bless every one who will contribute with us in this project.

Youth For Syria organization